Madhesi Empowerment Is Possible Through Peaceful Route

Ver y well said Pramod ji. Peaceful route is always the best route. It is also always possible if the involved parties genuinely try. But the question is : Do they have enough incentive to go through this route? It seems everyone in the 7+1 party government believes that Madhesis have been marginalized even after the hard fought "democracy." They also know they will have to take steps sooner or later to make every marginalized group feel inclusive in the democracy. Then why are they letting people including kids being killed? And who is doing the killing? The Maoists , who are still carrying arms after promising to not to do so, and the police. All this started because Maoists killed a 16 year kid (Ramesh Mahato) when the protest was still peaceful. The government and the Maoists do not have incentive to take the peaceful route yet. They falsely believe because they have the guns, they can suppress the movement with fear. The international community is largely silent on this. The human right activists who were so vocal few months ago have suddenly gone mute. To the international community all Nepal means is the mountains.

It is important to realize that it is not just a fight for the madhesis. It is fight for all the marginalized groups. Fortunately, other marginalized groups are realizing this (see Indigenous community expresses solidarity with Madhesi movement).

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